Looking to create a job post with AI Jobs UK? 

You can see the steps broken down into steps on the /post-a-job/ page.  The step for creating a job post with us are as follows:

1. Select "£99 - Pay With Card". This opens our Stripe checkout page & returns you to this form when you have paid.

2. Add job info into the from on our Post A Jobs page which is here.

3. Click "Submit".

4. Jobs added to database by next refresh. A human reviews info + order in 24 hrs.

Please note, that if the payment fails but you then go on to post the job on our website, we will send an invoice and temporarily pause your listing until it is paid for. 

For more information on that, you can read this article or you have another opportunity to check our Terms and Conditions, and the Acceptable Use Policy.

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